mcmap 3.0 – now with biomes support

I work on new version of mcmap. This version will supports block numbers bigger than 255 (used in mods, for example tekkit) and data values (wool’s colors, slabs and stairs types). I changed some variables types in sourcecode so I need testing now. If you want help with testing, in the menu at the top you can find download link for mcmap beta 3.0.

It is also less good news. Version 3.0 needs two times more memory. This might be a problem especially on 32bit version, because it has 4GB memory limit (practically even lower). This is another reason for more testing.

New option introduced in beta 3.0.3 is you can choose your generator type. Default (new) generator supports block ID’s up to 4096 (used in modpacks), but needs two times more system memory. Low memory generator (-lowmemory option in command line) reduces memory using by half, but supports only 255 types of blocks. However block ID’s can be also bigger than 255, only number of various blocks is limited (first 255 colors from color’s file are applied).

IMPORTANT NOTE about colors.txt: Blocks numbers are now the same as official blocks ID’s
(Listed here:
or here
You can write for example:

35:1 200 0 0 255 0

for orange wool in in colors.txt file.


Important: this is color definition for all wools:

35 200 200 200 255 0

but this is only for white wool:

35:0 200 200 200 255 0


You can report errors on official program’s thread: