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System UNIX – zarządzanie użytkownikami

Understanding /etc/passwd File Format
Understanding /etc/shadow File
Understanding /etc/group File

Administracja zdalna systemem linuks

Opisy katalogów
Building eLinks Text-based Web Browser with (Some Sort of) JavaScript Support

80 Linux Monitoring Tools

Batch renaming files
Append new line in all files of the folder
Bash Scripting Automatic logging as root or sudo with password
Crontab – Run in directory (drugi sposób)
How can I kill a process by name instead of PID?
How do I get a full path to a program in linux?
Setting Up Swap Space
How to check hard disk performance
Bash tips: Colors and formatting
Changing colors for user, host, directory information in terminal command prompt
How do I find all files containing specific text on Linux?
MySQL: Run Query from Bash Script or Linux Command Line
How to get total disk read/write in bytes per hdd device from /proc
bash command for each file in a folder

Backup i przywracanie konfiguracji

How do I transfer installed packages and settings from one distro to another?
Move or migrate user accounts from old Linux server to a new Linux server

Usługi/daemony – ftp, apache itp. – konfiguracja

Configure apache to listen on port other than 80
OpenSSH Deny or Restrict Access To Users and Groups
How To Set Up vsftpd for a User’s Directory on Ubuntu 16.04

Debian – problemy związane z niedostępnością najnowszych pakietów w repozytoriach

Nethogs → creating socket failed while establishing local IP – are you root?

Oprogramowanie – system linuks

Instalacja Oracle Java JRE/JDK 8
rtorrent configuration file with description
Stop rtorrent seeding immediately when done

Administracja platformą WordPress

What, Why, and How-To’s of Creating a Site-Specific WordPress Plugin

Java – programowanie

How to store printStackTrace into a string (alternatywnie)
List .zip directories without extracting

Narzędzia i generatory

JavaScript Percent Encoder
ASCII to Hex…and other free text conversion tools
Online regex tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript

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